Governance Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Implementing the Centennial General Plan

The Centennial General Plan and Master Plans* shall be implemented so that public and private development projects, City budgets, City regulations and actions individually advance the Community’s values and goals as expressed in the Centennial General Plan, the Mission Statement and Vision Plan.


Achieve continuous progress in implementing the Centennial General Plan by following the Plan’s Five-Year “Strategic Implementation Program” and by the City’s sustained commitment to its values and visions.


G-4.01. City Council Priorities. In preparing the Long Term Financial Plan and in setting Strategic Priorities, the City Council shall prioritize actions for implementing the Centennial General Plan in a timely manner.
G-4.02. Organization. We shall conduct the public’s business using best professional practices and in a manner that respects the integrity and value of public awareness and participation in City government.
G-4.03. Interagency Cooperation. We shall collaborate with other public agencies, non-profit organizations, business and civic organizations to help implement the Centennial General Plan, whenever necessary.
G-4.04. Monitoring Development and City Master Plans. We will review development proposals and monitor construction and land use to ensure consistency with Master Plans such as the Beaches, Parks and Recreation Master Plan, City Facilities Plan, specific plans, the Climate Action Plan, and with the Centennial General Plan.
G-4.05. Tracking Our Progress. The City shall monitor and report progress in achieving the goals of the Centennial General Plan by evaluating the effectiveness of the Strategic Implementation Program and by complying with State requirements to prepare an Annual Report on the status of the General Plan.

*Master Plans refer to a variety of City plans designed for a three to five-year timeframe or provide more detailed policy and implementation guidance than the Centennial General Plan policy document. Examples include the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, Climate Action Plan, and the City’s several specific plans.

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