Governance Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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In San Clemente, communication emphasizes public accessibility, clarity, predictability, accountability and accuracy. Citizens, businesses and decision-makers will have access to the public information they need to understand what is happening in their City, why it is happening and what it means to them.


Be a local government which, through its values and procedures, is accountable to its citizens and fosters an informed and involved citizenry that takes pride and participates in City government to help achieve General Plan goals.


G-3.01. Quality. We pursue a professional standard of clarity, accuracy, completeness and honesty in public communications.
G-3.02. Accessibility. City communications shall be easily accessible to the public, including those with special needs, such as hearing or visually impaired persons, except for communications conducted under closed session, attorney-client privilege or other information that is required to be confidential under State or Federal law.
G-3.03. Format. We will use a variety of methods and media to communicate effectively.
G-3.04. Coordination. Communication among City departments shall be based on close collaboration and information sharing, and shall be internally consistent with information delivered to the end-users.
G-3.05. Connection. City communications shall include contact information or other means that allow public feedback or questions.
G-3.06. Outside Data. We partner with sources outside City government to obtain and share accurate data with residents, businesses and visitors to minimize City costs and promote information delivery through multiple sources.
G-3.07. Staying Current. The City will follow best practices in the use of communication and information technology to inform and engage the community and will conduct City business in a timely manner.
G-3.08. Community Involvement. We provide opportunities for meaningful community involvement in City decisions about matters of public importance.
G-3.09. Outreach. We surpass minimum or legal notification requirements to facilitate broad public participation in public decision-making.

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