Governance Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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The Governance Element is about good government and outstanding customer service. It establishes policies that help ensure open, fair, and informed decision-making. It guides how City staff 1) communicates internally, with the public, and with business, 2) allocates resources, and 3) follows adopted policies to make decisions. Elected and appointed City leaders, citizens, business people, investors, and City staff will use this Element to understand how residents help shape policies and decisions that affect them. This Element also integrates the City’s Mission Statement, Vision and Strategic Plan, Centennial General Plan, Specific Plans, and Master Plans* into a consistent planning, budgeting, and implementation framework. This procedural framework will be applied to everyday City operations, in addition to actions with long-range implications. This will help foster a predictable and transparent system of governance that delivers responsive and high-quality municipal services to benefit our community, economy, and quality-of-life.


To be a City that achieves its General Plan implementation measures and is guided by a clear system of decision-making policies and procedures.

  1. System for Governance and Management
  2. Municipal Finance
  3. Communication
  4. Implementation of the Centennial General Plan



*Master Plans refer to a variety of City plans designed for a three to five-year timeframe or provide more detailed policy and implementation guidance than the Centennial General Plan. Examples include the Beaches, Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, and the Climate Action Plan.

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