Economic Development Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Unlike many other beach communities, San Clemente’s character and identity are not based on tourism. Rather, San Clemente strives to excel as a well-balanced community that welcomes visitors. We recognize that San Clemente’s beaches, cultural and historic resources, and businesses enhance both residents’ quality of life and tourists’ enjoyment and experiences. We also recognize that tourism is often associated with costs and benefits. Tourism brings costs in the form of parking demand and traffic, and the need for increased public services and maintenance of public facilities. Tourism can also provide benefits in the form of revenues for local businesses, sales, and transient occupancy tax revenues. Our tourism goals, policies, and implementation measures seek to establish and maintain a favorable balance between tourism’s costs and benefits and to manage tourism to create a net positive impact on the community’s quality of life.

Create a branded and marketed tourism identity that attracts overnight visitors.


ED-3.01. Allocation of Resources for Tourism. We allocate public resources among various tourism efforts based on the Economic Development Strategy. We require those who wish to change the allocation of public resources for tourism to demonstrate that their requests will help achieve the Economic Development Strategy and promote Economic Development Element goals.
ED-3.02. Year-round Tourism. In City Council decisions, initiatives, investments, and development approvals, we give equal priority to programs and projects that promote consistent year-round overnight tourism, as well as to programs and projects that promote seasonal or day-trip tourism.
ED-3.03. Fiscal Benefits. We continuously seek ways to increase the net fiscal benefits from tourism and to efficiently allocate revenues to implement the economic development strategy.
ED-3.04. Surfing Heritage. We recognize the value of our beaches, surfing and the surfing industry to the City’s heritage and economy. We encourage the preservation and growth of this aspect of the City’s cultural and economic fabric.
ED-3.05. Heritage Tourism. We recognize heritage tourism as an integral part of our Economic Development Strategy.
ED-3.06. Bicycle Tourism. We leverage our position as a regional coastal route to capture bicycle tourism.

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