Economic Development Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Economic Development Implementation Measures

The City of San Clemente commits itself to achieving the primary goal and other goals established in the Economic Development Element with the following implementation measures:
  1. Establish an Economic Development Manager Position. The Economic Development Manager may be a full-time or part-time position, funded through the City, the business community, or through a mix of public and private funding sources.

  2. Maintain the Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Program by assigning urban planners with specialized knowledge and experience in specific business districts to serve as liaisons. The liaisons provide services to business owners. Services include on-site meetings to learn business owner needs and explain how to access City resources, where possible, to help businesses accomplish their goals and objectives.

  3. Adopt and implement an Economic Development Strategy. The Strategy shall emphasize the mid- and long-term development of the local economy rather than focusing on individual projects. It will incorporate the long-term goals of the General Plan, but may also include additional goals with shorter time horizons. The Economic Development Strategy shall establish measurable objectives and a performance evaluation mechanism.

  4. Adopt and implement a Branding and Public Relations Program. The Economic Development Strategy shall include a branding and public relations program to establish a unified identity for San Clemente based on its Spanish Village by the Sea history. The Strategy shall also include implementation measures to ensure consistent quality of the “brand experience” and create a communications program to publicize the San Clemente brand for residents, visitors and potential visitors.

  5. Support Business Improvement Districts for Del Mar/T-zone, Los Molinos, El Camino Real, Pier Bowl, and North Beach. The districts should generate revenue to maintain each area, to support special events, and to publicize each area. The districts may also be empowered (or a separate financing vehicle established) to provide physical improvements, such as parking facilities, landscaping, lighting, and pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

  6. Adopt a specific plan for North Beach.

  7. Establish and operate a City business visitation program to improve communication and understanding of business needs, opportunities and issues.

  8. Partner with regional business support agencies, such as the Orange County Workforce Investment Board and the Orange County Small Business Development Center, to ensure businesses in San Clemente are aware of and have access to workforce recruitment and training services, and to ensure residents are aware of and have access to job search and business start-up training.
  9. Develop, maintain, and publicize an inventory of commercial properties available for business expansion and/or development, including businesses relocating to San Clemente and business start-ups.

  10. Explore opportunities to establish and operate a business “incubator” in San Clemente (e.g., Los Molinos Area).

  11. Attract higher education facilities to San Clemente.

  12. Continue to support and promote an annual business awards program to recognize San Clemente’s outstanding business citizens.
  13. Assess parking needs in Del Mar/T-Zone, Pier Bowl, and North Beach at least every five years, and implement solutions to identified parking deficiencies to achieve the City’s Vision and Strategic Plan.

  14. Update Home Occupancy Regulations for “flexecutives.”

  15. Establish and maintain a method to track communications and information technology demands of residents and employees, both current and future.

  16. Establish and maintain a method to track economic contributions of persons who work from home or from remote “satellite” offices via communication and information technology, both current and future.

  17. Maintain awareness of best practices in local government public information practices and in e-government.

  18. Establish a Technology Advisory Committee to serve as a liaison between community stakeholders, staff and elected officials and to make recommendations to the City Council on technology matters.

  19. Incorporate the Wireless Communications Master Plan into a broader Technology Master Plan that incorporates aspects of the preceding implementation ideas and other technologies.

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