Economic Development Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Economic Development Program

Implementation of San Clemente’s past General Plans relied on either private development projects or public resources for funding and leadership. In an era of constrained municipal revenues and with little undeveloped land available, San Clemente will increasingly rely on a combination of public and private resources to implement the General Plan.

The General Plan seeks to manage the increasing complexity of economic development through a comprehensive economic development strategy which allocates municipal staffing and resources for economic development activities.


Establish and continuously improve an adequately staffed and funded, local economic development program.


ED-1.01. Economic Development Strategy. The City intends to adopt an Economic Development Strategy. Until such a strategy is adopted by the City Council, policies ED-1.02 and 1.03 shall be applied so as to implement the long-term goals of the General Plan and to emphasize mid- and long-term development of the local economy, rather than focusing on individual projects. The City may also consider additional goals with more near-term focuses.
ED-1.02. Allocation of Public Resources. We allocate public resources based on an adopted Economic Development Strategy. Those who wish to change the allocation of these resources must demonstrate how their requests comply with the Economic Development Strategy.
ED-1.03. Staff Resources. We budget for adequate staff resources to implement the economic development strategy and will weigh competing funding demands to balance the allocation of municipal resources.
ED-1.04. Long-Term Benefits. We consider long-term benefits, not just short-term returns, in our decision-making processes.
ED-1.05. Evaluation of Progress. We annually evaluate our progress in achieving the economic development strategy. This evaluation will guide decisions to maintain or modify the allocation of resources for economic development.

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