Coastal Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Scenic and Cultural Resources

San Clemente residents and visitors enjoy spectacular scenic resources and unique cultural resources, as described in the Community Profile. The Coastal Act policies require the protection of scenic coastal areas and the preservation of cultural resources. Scenic resources include coastal bluffs, coastal canyons, natural landforms and designated scenic view corridors from publicly-owned properties and along or through public rights-of-way, as defined in the Coastal Act and/or designated by the City.

Historic and cultural resources include sites, districts, structures and distinctive landscapes that convey the City’s unique cultural, historical, or architectural heritage. Distinctive cultural resources in the Coastal Zone are located in, but are not limited to, the Del Mar/T-Zone, North Beach, Los Molinos and Pier Bowl areas, as further discussed in the Land Use Element.


Continue to be a community that places high priority on the preservation and enjoyment of our scenic and cultural resources.


C-3.01. We preserve the visual character and aesthetic resources of the City, including coastal bluffs, visually significant ridgelines, and coastal canyons, open spaces, prominent, mature trees on public lands, and designated significant public views as discussed in the Natural Resources Element, Aesthetic Resources Section.
C-3.02. We identify and designate the location and orientation of significant designated scenic view corridors and significant public views.
C-3.03. We provide for the preservation and restoration of the sites, structures, districts and cultural landscapes which have architectural, historical, archaeological, and/or cultural significance as described in the Historic Preservation Element and the Natural Resources Element, Archaeological and Paleontological Resources Section.
C-3.04. We review and require changes to development proposals, as needed, to minimize obstructions of designated significant public views and designated scenic view corridors, and to ensure public and private development projects in the Coastal Zone are of high-quality materials and designed to be attractive and aesthetically compatible with adjacent structures, site improvements, utilities and landscape features, as further described in the Urban Design Element.



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