Coastal Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Coastal Element Implementation Measures

Local Coastal Program

  1. Prepare a Local Coastal Program and secure California Coastal Commission certification.
Coastal Trail

  1. Maintain the San Clemente Beach Trail pursuant to the California Coastal Trail siting and design standards contained here.
Public Access

  1. Protect the public’s right of coastal access where acquired through historic use or legislative authorization. Where substantial evidence of prescriptive rights exists as adjudicated by a court of law, City shall seek to acquire public access easements or require public access easements as a condition of development.
  2. Where there is substantial evidence that a prescriptive right, as adjudicated by a court of law, of coastal access exists, development shall be designed, or conditions shall be imposed to preserve coastal access or to preserve the option of securing future access.
  3. Identify and require property owners to remove all non-permitted structures, including signs and fencing, which inhibit legal public access.
  4. Periodically inventory beach access facilities to identify access needs. Based on the inventory, prepare capital improvements projects and/or establish schedule for renovating access facilities.
  5. Update the City’s way-finding program and City website to facilitate regional access from Interstate 5 to coastal destinations (e.g., Del Mar, Pier Bowl, North Beach), primary beach access points, parks, public parking areas, prominent natural features and City entry points.
Access management programs

  1. Access management programs for Capistrano Shores and the private beach area north of Capistrano Shores, La Ladera, Cypress Shores and Cotton’s Point private communities shall be prepared when development is proposed in one of these private communities and a property owner is required to dedicate public coastal access. The purpose of such programs shall be to provide maximum public access consistent with the Coastal Act of 1976. The access management programs shall be implemented by the City of San Clemente, other public agencies or by private homeowner associations that accept the offers of dedication. The access management program shall include the following:
    1. Establishment of hours of public access which shall include, at a minimum, the hours between sunrise and sunset, and
    2. The provision of aesthetically pleasing bicycle racks for at least 25 bicycles at the beach terminus of the vertical accessway, and
    3. The provision of signing at the entrance to the private communities in order to make the public aware of the existence of the accessway and its hours of operation, and
    4. The provision of a public restroom facility.
Scenic and Cultural Resources

  1. Update the Master Plan for Scenic Corridors to identify public view corridors and views and establish a process for doing so, including public outreach.
  2. Develop a GIS-based map of significant designated scenic view corridors and significant public views.

  1. Seek funding to maintain and improve access ways, implement complete streets projects as identified in the Mobility and Complete Streets Element, and to enhance public coastal access, including:
    1. Improved pedestrian railroad crossings through the construction of at-grade, above-grade, or below-grade crossings at existing accessways.
    2. Additional off-street public parking spaces at or near public coastal access ways through improvements of existing beach parking lots and creation of parking lots, where feasible.
Environmentally Sensitive Habitat

  1. Advocate and support the preservation and creation of coastal terrestrial wildlife or plant sanctuaries.
  2. Develop informational aids for where native plants are required to be planted in coastal canyon and bluff areas, their planting and care, for the removal of officially designated invasive plant species, and for Orange County Fire Authority landscaping requirements for fire safety.

  1. Implement the City’s Policy and Procedure (effective date September 5, 2001) regarding Management of Beach Facilities in terms of their maintenance, replacement, protection, or relocation.
  2. Update hazard maps (e.g., sea level rise, flood zones, etc.) as new information becomes available and make these publicly available.
  3. Prepare and implement a shoreline management strategy which includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    1. An examination of local and regional long-term erosion rates and trends to identify and plan for shoreline changes.
    2. An examination of mean sea level elevation trends and future sea level rise projections to help determine future erosion rates and plan for potential shoreline changes.

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