Coastal Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Coastal Hazards

As addressed in the Safety Element, landslides, seismic, liquefaction, tsunamis, flooding and nuclear events are potential risks in coastal San Clemente. With a railroad running along the coast, rail-related accidents could be an issue and are addressed in the Beaches section of the Beaches, Parks and Recreation Element. In addition, storm-generated tidal surges and rising sea-levels present potential hazards that must also be considered. Another hazard is the loss of beach sand and other sedimentary deposits which are critical to the protection of coastal lands and bluffs and for public safety, recreation and wildlife habitat. A major provision of the Coastal Act is to manage coastal hazards, reduce risks to life and property, avoid substantial changes to natural landforms and minimize the need for protective structures.


Continue to be a community that minimizes its exposure to coastal hazards and plans for emergency response and recovery from hazardous events.


C-4.01. Avoidance. We first seek hazard avoidance as the primary method of minimizing exposure to coastal hazards.
C-4.02. Hazards Review. We review applications for new development, land divisions and plan amendments to determine the presence of hazards and, if they are present, ensure the hazards are avoided and/or mitigated, as discussed in the Safety Element.
C-4.03. Sand Protection, Enhancement and Restoration. Wide beaches provide critical protection against storm surges and tsunami run-up, and we participate in state and regional initiatives that address the protection, enhancement, and restoration of sand and other sedimentary deposits on our coastal beaches.
C-4.04. Sea Level Rise Monitoring. We monitor the issue of potential future sea level rise, both in the short term via permitting actions and in the long-term to address future development impacts along the shoreline.
C-4.05. Sea Level Rise Protection. We require shoreline development and bluff retention devices to be sited and designed to take into account predicted future changes in sea level. New structures shall be set back a sufficient distance landward or be designed to eliminate or minimize, to the maximum extent feasible, hazards associated with anticipated sea level rise, as established by Federal or State authorities, over the expected economic life of the structure.
C-4.06. Ongoing Study. We support efforts by other agencies to study the potential impacts of continued and accelerated sea level rise and flooding of waterways on existing or proposed structures within all development zones, including impacts to development zones, traffic flow, public access, natural areas and water quality.



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