Beaches Parks & Rec Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Recreational Programming

Parks and recreational facilities enable a wide variety of programs to be offered to improve residents’ physical and mental well-being. Whether on land or in water, the recreational programming options are vast and reflect the community’s environmental qualities, culture and shared values. To be able to continuously offer the highest quality recreational programs, it is essential to receive patron feedback, recognize trends and analyze park user data on a regular basis.


Offer a wide range of creative, safe and enjoyable recreational opportunities for persons of all ages, abilities and financial status to enrich the lives of all San Clemente residents.


BPR-1.01. Programming. We program our parks and other recreation facilities for efficient and creative uses, consistent with the type of facility, user groups served and community needs, and with the Beaches, Parks and Recreation Master Plan.
BPR-1.02. Users. We provide indoor and outdoor programs and facilities appropriate for a range of income levels, ages and abilities.
BPR-1.03. Tracking Needs and Interests. We track City recreation programs in terms of participation, customer satisfaction, and changing needs to identify recreational programming priorities needs, and interests.
BPR-1.04. Partnerships. We partner with non-profit organizations, businesses and agencies to provide high quality, comprehensive recreational and educational programming, and affordable special events for residents.
BPR-1.05. Safety. We design and maintain park and recreation facilities to provide an appropriate level of safety for residents and visitors.
BPR-1.06. Underserved Youths and Adults. We promote low-cost or free, safe and fun recreational program for underserved youths and adults as part of our local crime prevention efforts.
BPR-1.07. Historic Sites. We celebrate historic sites with recreational learning opportunities in parks and recreation facilities.
BPR-1.08. Natural Environment. We protect our natural environment, including marine resources and open spaces, consistent with the City’s HEAL resolution. Where possible, we utilize them as recreational learning opportunities and contemplative spaces, in conjunction with our environmental goals.
BPR-1.09. Street Closures/Public Spaces. We support temporary, and where safe and appropriate, long-term street closures to create or expand public spaces and to accommodate street fairs, farmers’ markets, art shows and other special community events.
BPR-1.10. Schools. We promote providing recreational opportunities in conjunction with our local schools.
BPR-1.11. Neighborhood/Commercial Area Enhancement. We consider using recreational programming as a tool for enhancing the vitality of neighborhoods and commercial areas.


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