Beaches Parks & Rec Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Park and Recreation Planning, Acquisition, and Development

Beaches, parks and recreation facilities can provide space for organized sports, passive recreation, educational programs, special events and gatherings with family and friends. They can also serve as weekday and weekend destinations. A comprehensive system should complement new and existing development and meet local recreational needs. To do so, land and facilities may need to be acquired, planned, and developed. Like most cities, the City of San Clemente must adapt to changing park and recreation demands. To that end, and in addition to this Element’s goals and policies, the San Clemente Beaches, Parks and Recreation Master Plan identifies priorities for park expansion, acquisition, development and funding.

San Clemente’s parks system includes neighborhood parks (generally less than 10 acres in size), community parks (generally 10 acres in size or larger), and special use parks (the San Clemente Community Center and Ole Hanson Beach Club) that can be of any size, but that have facilities to meet specific recreation needs.

These elements are at the core of San Clemente’s quality of life and provide places for recreation, relaxation, and rest. Local parks and recreation facilities reflect the City’s interest in and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Totaling over 197 acres, the beaches and park system provides both passive and active recreational areas and includes 176.60 acres at 21 parks and beach accesses, 20 acres of sand beaches, and 13.3 miles (21.99 acres) of hiking trails.


Provide and maintain parks and recreation facilities with adequate spaces and amenities to meet the recreational and relaxation needs of existing and future residents.


BPR-2.01. Parkland and Beaches Standard. We apply a standard of at least five acres of improved parkland and beaches per 1,000 residents and seek to meet residents’ needs in underserved areas.
BPR-2.02. Evaluation of User Needs. We evaluate user feedback, track facility use, and utilize projections to understand park and recreation facility needs and plan for future acquisition and development.
BPR-2.03. Beach and Park Maintenance. We maintain beach and park facilities in good condition and strive to meet Council-adopted community standards.
BPR-2.04. Master Plan. We focus parkland acquisition and development efforts in accordance with the Beaches, Parks and Recreation Master Plan and with the Master Plan for City Facilities.
BPR-2.05. Master Plan Maintenance. We maintain and update the Beaches, Parks and Recreation Master Plan at least every 10 years to strategically plan for future park and recreation needs.
BPR-2.06. Parkland Acquisitions. We require parkland acquisitions to be beneficial to the community. In acquiring parkland, the City considers short-term land and construction costs and long-term operations and maintenance costs.
BPR-2.07. Planning for Local Context. We plan park features and facilities that meet the recreational preferences of residents and the land uses the park is intended to serve. We consider the impacts of such facilities on surrounding uses.
BPR-2.08. Future Park Sites. When selecting specific park sites or designing park facilities, we identify park type and future user needs.
BPR-2.09. Joint Use Agreements. We maintain and improve joint-use recreational space agreements with public agencies and seek new opportunities for joint recreational uses.
BPR-2.10. Universal Access. We seek to provide, where feasible, inclusive recreation facilities that meet or exceed accepted standards for Universal Access.
BPR-2.11. Structured and Unstructured Recreation Opportunities. We plan, acquire and develop recreational facilities to provide a balanced range of structured and unstructured recreation opportunities.


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