Beaches Parks & Rec Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Open Space and Trails

San Clemente’s natural environment includes many beautiful open spaces with opportunities for a multi-use trails system for residents and visitors. The local network of public, private, City, and State Park trails provide safe walking, hiking, equestrian and cycling experiences. Trails are designed to provide public access to beaches, canyons, and ridgelines, and to provide spectacular views of the coast and open spaces adjacent to the City. Trail linkages enhance pedestrian and cyclist connectivity to these special areas and to other points of interest outside of San Clemente’s City limits.


Provide a safe, environmentally sustainable and attractive open space and trails network, including walking, bicycling, hiking and equestrian trails, that connects key open space areas and recreational amenities.


BPR-4.01. Open Space Preservation. We encourage and support the preservation of open space within and adjacent to the City.
BPR-4.02. Trails and Staging Areas. We support the development, maintenance and enhancement of local trails and staging areas using best sustainable practices.
BPR-4.03. Partnerships and Funding. We seek strategic partnerships and funding assistance opportunities with public agencies and volunteer organizations to reduce City costs to maintain open space and trail facilities.
BPR-4.04. Trail Connections. We collaborate with other public agencies and private parties to establish connections between trails.
BPR-4.05. Public Information. We publicize our trails system, including the Beach Trail, to encourage public use and appreciation, including the use of bicycle trails for general transportation and commuter use.
BPR-4.06. Education. We design and use some public trails for educational and interpretive purposes.
BPR-4.07. Master Plan. We maintain and update the Beaches, Parks and Recreation Master Plan and Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan to strategically plan new trails and related facilities.
BPR-4.08. Standards. We maintain multi-purpose trails to Council-adopted community standards.


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