Beaches Parks & Rec Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Beaches, Parks and Recreation Element Implementation Measures

Recreational Programming
  1. Explore new opportunities for the Community Center to improve programming and maximize facility use.

  2. Work with community groups to help establish and fund a Surfing Heritage Museum.

  3. Continue to provide a variety of programs to meet a range of needs and maximize facility use.

  4. Monitor program participation to identify demand, including populations with special needs.

  5. Monitor facility (including beaches) use, population and development projections to plan for future program, facility, and staffing needs.

  6. Incorporate strategies for neighborhood and commercial area enhancement in the Master Plan for Parks and Recreation.
Park Planning, Acquisition and Development
  1. Create a Beaches, Parks and Recreation Master Plan within two years of General Plan adoption and update it at least every ten years.

  2. Monitor park acreage and facility use to ensure that facilities are meeting local needs.

  3. Establish or improve joint-use agreements to maximize public recreation opportunities.

  4. Consider reconfiguring Bonita Park to meet changing park user needs and provide additional parking for the Los Molinos area.

  5. Prepare a plan which identifies underserved areas in terms of parks and recreational facilities and seek grants or other funding sources to help implement the plan.

  6. Work with other public agencies and non-profit organizations to help ensure all community-serving facilities, such as libraries, health centers, wellness centers, recreation facilities and parks are universally accessible.
  1. Continue to maintain and enhance the City’s beaches and Municipal Pier and seek outside finding sources to help support these efforts.

  2. Continue to enhance the beaches by the Municipal Pier and North Beach train stations to support public transit use.

  3. Seek sand nourishment and replacement funding opportunities to ensure beachgoers have a high quality beach experience and to maintain ongoing monitoring activities.
Open Space and Trails
  1. Work with private land owners to help expand the community trails network by making privately-owned trails available for public use.

  2. Evaluate the feasibility of extending the Beach Trail.
Golf Course
  1. Incorporate golf course management and design improvements in future Beaches, Parks and Recreation master planning.

Health and Wellness
  1. Work with the State, Federal and County agencies to advocate strict enforcement of laws against the sale to or use of alcoholic beverages by minors.

  2. Work with governmental and non-governmental agencies to stem the availability of illegal drugs and to prevent substance abuse.

  3. Encourage the development of healthy food outlets, farmers markets and food cooperatives and amend the Zoning Ordinance to establish standards allowing such uses where appropriate.

  4. Encourage restaurants to provide nutritional information to help customers make healthy dining choices and recognize those that do.

  5. Establish guidelines to be followed by all City Departments to encourage healthy foods to be served at City-sponsored events, meetings, and community-wide forums.

  6. Implement the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan by allocating a portion of the annual City budget to complete sidewalk projects that infill public sidewalk gaps and provide connectivity.

  7. Encourage private contributions to provide, improve or maintain public improvements that promote health and wellness, such as fitness stations, benches, bike racks and play equipment.

  8. Seek grant funding and innovative public-private partnerships, where feasible, to increase residents’ access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity, especially in underserved areas.

  9. Amend the Zoning Ordinance to allow small, neighborhood-serving markets within easy walking and biking distance from most residential areas and encourage such markets to include fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods.

  10. Support farmers’ markets and similar types of events at various locations, times, and days of the week throughout the community.

  11. Amend the Zoning Ordinance to broaden the range of temporary uses to allow fruit stands for the sale of fresh fruits and vegetables in commercial areas.

  12. Seek grants to provide educational materials to local grocery stores to help improve point-of-purchase signage and marketing of fresh and healthy foods.

  13. Continue City-sponsored Mayor’s Walks and similar activities to encourage residents’ participation in community events and encourage healthy neighborhoods.

  14. Ensure that Police Services continues to work with neighborhoods to promote safety and the “Neighborhood Watch Program.”

  15. Continue collaboration with local health providers to provide public health programs and services in City parks with an emphasis on target areas.

  16. Staff shall continue participation in healthy living programs sponsored by collaborative partners and active youth.

  17. Continue to promote local health service providers participation in community-wide health fairs and similar events.

  18. Cooperate with nonprofit health organizations to provide no- or low-cost health services on a regular basis.

  19. In collaboration with local hospitals and health service providers, the City will encourage and support measures that improve the availability of primary care and other physicians’ services and emergency facilities in San Clemente.

  20. Promote and support a City Employee Wellness Program.

  21. Promote community-wide Health and Wellness programs offering free evaluation and consultation to San Clemente businesses on employee wellness programs. Local collaborative partners and their volunteers will provide technical assistance to businesses on health education and employee wellness programs.

  22. Consider amending the Zoning Ordinance to allow keeping chickens in low-density residential zones for home-based egg production and non-chemical pest control. City will establish guidelines and specific zoning standards for poultry raising in low-density residential zones.

  23. City staff will work with various community organizations and local agencies to provide free or low cost health information, nutrition classes, community-wide health fairs and other health and wellness – oriented events.

  24. Where feasible, the City will implement the Vista Los Mares Revitalization recommendations in the University of California at Irvine’s Healthy Community Guide (March 2012), as grant funding is available.

  25. Amend the Zoning Ordinance to allow the development of community gardens throughout the City.

  26. Establish a Community Living Gardens program and identify viable community garden sites. Beaches, Parks, and Recreation staff will identify city-owned land and other locations within the community to provide opportunities to develop community gardens.

  27. Amend the Zoning Ordinance to allow compatible agriculture uses in Residential, Commercial and Public zones.

  28. Implement the City’s Quiet Zone/Railroad Safety Program.
Beaches, Parks and Recreation Economics and Financing
  1. Continue to require open space dedication or appropriate park in-lieu fees as part of the development review process.

  2. Pursue grants and other funding opportunities for beaches, trails, parks and other recreational facilities in San Clemente.

  3. Regularly review and update the Beaches, Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan and the City Facilities Master Plan to provide adequate guidance for the provision of parks, trails, and other recreational facilities.

  4. Investigate the possibility of establishing a volunteer staffing program to assist with recreational programs and reduce staffing costs at City public parks and recreational facilities.

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