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Health and Wellness

Since its founding, San Clemente has been dedicated to active, healthy living in a beautiful, seaside community. Its clean air and water, ideal climate and coastal setting draw those who seek a healthy lifestyle, outdoor sports and beaches where, as Ole Hanson put it, people can get “a healthy joy out of life.” The City is committed to helping citizens preserve and enhance their health by providing positive alternatives to public health issues that have become all too common in other areas. Health and Wellness policies and programs promote access to healthy living options, such as fresh, locally grown food, easy access to parks, beaches, trails and open space, and well-designed public spaces that promote physical activity. We promote and celebrate health and wellness through positive, community-building events, neighborhood outreach and public education.


Be a community that has readily accessible high-quality, fresh foods and affordable health services.


Be a community where residents can easily choose to engage in healthy activities and lifestyles and where health and wellness considerations help guide City decision-making.


Be a community that supports sustainable, health-supporting land uses and activities, such as farmers’ markets, food cooperatives and residential vegetable gardens.


BPR-6.01. Access to Healthy Foods (Standards). We promote access to healthy food choices through flexible development standards that allow small-scale, neighborhood-oriented grocery stores in residential zones, where appropriate.
BPR-6.02. Access to Healthy Foods (Schools, Public Facilities and City Events). We encourage the availability of healthy food choices in local schools, public buildings, facilities and parks and at City-sponsored events.
BPR-6.03. Smoking. Smoking shall not be allowed in City-owned or operated buildings, parks, beaches or other facilities, except in areas specifically designated for this purpose.
BPR-6.04. Interconnected Neighborhoods. Neighborhoods should be interconnected with safe, well-designed and maintained walking and biking trails, sidewalks, consistent with the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.
BPR-6.05. Bike Parking. We encourage the provision of safe, secure, convenient and aesthetically pleasing bike parking to promote alternative forms of transportation wherever public parking is required.
BPR-6.06. Compact Neighborhoods. We support compact, neighborhood-serving development that provides healthy foods or essential services within walking or biking distance from residential neighborhoods, schools and parks.
BPR-6.07. Trails. We encourage use of public trails and work with civic organizations, community groups, youth groups, homeowner associations, regional and state agencies and non-profit organizations to improve, expand and maintain the trail network.
BPR-6.08. Social Interaction/Community Participation. We encourage enhanced social interaction, community participation in special events, youth sports and outdoor activities by developing and maintaining public facilities and spaces that promote health and wellness.
BPR-6.09. Streetscape Amenities. We encourage and support local, private investment in streetscape amenities (examples include: benches, street trees, decorative sidewalks) that enhance safety, walkability, neighborhood appeal, and help commercial neighborhoods stay clean, safe and attractive.
BPR-6.10. Urban Forest/Trees. We support best practices in the planting and maintenance of trees in the public realm to improve air quality and reduce “heat island” effects due to reflected heat from hardscape and urban uses.
BPR-6.11. Children/Young Adults. We seek to provide positive, safe and supportive community environments for the healthy development for children and young adults.
BPR-6.12. Community Gardens. We support efforts to develop community gardens on City-owned, public utility-owned and on privately-owned properties suitable for that purpose.
BPR-6.13. Edible Gardens. We support property owner and Homeowner Association efforts to modify CC&Rs, where appropriate, to allow residents to plant edible gardens in their front yards.



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