Beaches Parks & Rec Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Golf Course

Golf has been a part of San Clemente’s recreational makeup since the town was created. The City’s Municipal Golf Course was built by renowned Golf Course Architect, William “Billy” Bell on land donated by the City founder Ole Hanson. Due to its affiliation with Billy Bell and its association with the Ole Hanson/Spanish Village the property is listed as a San Clemente Historic Resource. The Course originally consisted of nine holes, known as the “Ocean Nine”, on its opening day in 1930. The area that is now the back nine, known as the “Inland Nine: was laid out in 1956, making it the challenging 18-hole course it is today. Municipally owned and operated since its inception, the San Clemente Golf Club is aptly known as the “Pride of the Pacific”. The course boasts sweeping ocean views and is an important historic and recreation element in the City. Now irrigated with reclaimed water and several landscape conversions projects, the City works to provide a water efficient, yet beautiful golf course. The Course is remarkably successful with over 95,000 rounds per year making it one of the busiest courses in the nation.


Maintain a high quality municipal golf experience and its rich history for residents and visitors.


BPR-5.01. Maintenance Funding. We maintain our course with an enterprise fund to ensure the golf course supports itself without cost to the General Fund.
BPR-5.02. Best Practices. We monitor and use best golf course management and design practices to ensure viable grounds conditions, a healthy landscape and net fiscal benefits.
BPR-5.03. Clubhouse Facilities. We provide quality Clubhouse facilities to serve the golf and residential community.


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