Beaches Parks & Rec Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Beaches, Parks and Recreation Economics and Financing

The cost of acquiring, developing, operating, and maintaining beaches, parks and recreation facilities and programs can be substantial. The City’s resources need to be allocated and used efficiently to respond to recreational needs and to maximize the value of public funds. Strategic partnerships and grant funding opportunities can help defray City costs to provide a comprehensive beaches, parks and recreation system. Quimby Act fees (park in-lieu fees) are required of developers to provide land, improvements or funds to meet the City standard of providing at least five acres of park land per 1,000 residents.


Provide beaches, parks and recreation facilities that are financed, acquired, developed, operated, and maintained to meet community needs and standards, in balance with the City’s fiscal resources.


BPR-7.01. Funding Support. We aggressively pursue Federal, State, County, private foundation and endowment support to assist in the acquisition, development, programming, operations, and maintenance of beaches, park and recreation facilities.
BPR-7.02. City Fiscal Resources. We improve the efficiency of our facilities and programs and seek to ensure we have adequate fiscal resources for operations, maintenance and replacement before investing in new facilities.
BPR-7.03. Operations and Maintenance Costs. We develop park facilities that are realistic in terms of operations and maintenance costs needed to maintain their quality and safety.
BPR-7.04. Community Support. We encourage neighborhood groups, organizations, and businesses to become active supporters of our beaches and parks facilities and programs through contributions of goods, services, labor and money.
BPR-7.05. Private Facilities. We encourage the development of private recreational facilities, where appropriate, that provide services or facilities that are not provided by the City.
BPR-7.06. Revenue Generation. We encourage beaches and parks programs that generate revenues that can help achieve the City’s Beaches, Parks and Recreation goals.
BPR-7.07. Park In-Lieu Fees. We will periodically update the park in-lieu fee required for new development to establish appropriate rates.


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