Beaches Parks & Rec Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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San Clemente’s beaches are a major reason why people choose to visit, reside, and invest here and are a key reason for the City’s high quality of life. The City of San Clemente enjoys over 4.5 miles of coastline and local beaches that are highly valued by residents and visitors. San Clemente’s beaches vary by width of sand, onsite or adjacent amenities, and surf breaks, creating opportunities for a wide range of beach activities from passive recreation to active athletic competitions. San Clemente’s beaches have a local, regional and international draw, attracting visitors from around the world. Beaches are also a critical natural resource that significantly influences local culture, recreation, and economic development.

For additional policies related to the protection of beach resources and beach access, please refer to the Coastal Element.


Provide safe, high-quality beaches that protect natural resources, support and encourage recreational activities, promote economic development and contribute to San Clemente’s culture and character.

Protect and create spaces and places to enjoy a memorable beach experience on and off the sand.


BPR-3.01. Resource Conservation. We maintain our beach resources to conserve natural, recreational, and economic resources. (See Coastal Element)
BPR-3.02. Beach Planning. We monitor beach use and quality to help ensure adequate staffing, facility and environmental maintenance, and sand replenishment planning.
BPR-3.03. Balance. We enhance beach areas that are appropriate for recreational development, without destroying natural resources or beauty.
BPR-3.04. Pedestrian and Bicycle Connectivity. We encourage connectivity by developing and maintaining pedestrian and bicycle trails, where appropriate, along our coastline, including designated railroad crossings for pedestrians.
BPR-3.05. Pier Bowl and North Beach. We enhance the Pier Bowl and North Beach areas to function as recreational, cultural and economic hubs. We also maximize accessibility for residents, visitors and commuters, including train passengers, to create easy and natural transitions between the beach, beach trail and local businesses or cultural attractions.
BPR-3.06. Marine Safety. We provide an appropriate level of Marine Safety personnel and facilities for the protection of beach users. (See Safety Element Flooding and Marine Hazards section)
BPR-3.07. Relocation of Railroad Right-of-Way. We support the eventual relocation of the railroad right-of-way away from the beach to the vicinity of the Interstate 5 freeway.
BPR-3.08. Public Outreach and Participation. We encourage public participation in protecting our beaches through educational outreach programs.
BPR-3.09. Sand Nourishment. We support sand nourishment programs and other measures to enhance the use, appearance and safety of our beaches.
BPR-3.10. Sand Monitoring. We continue to monitor sand movement, research the impacts of coastal erosion and implement methods of mitigating further coastal damage to San Clemente's beaches environment.



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