SB2 Homeless Shelter

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Planning Commission Meeting- On September 21, 2016, starting at 3 p.m. in the San Clemente City Council Chambers, at 100 Avenida Presidio in San Clemente, the Planning Commission will consider strategies for complying with a State law, “SB 2”, The Emergency Shelter Act, as required by court order. 

At this meeting, the Planning Commission is expected to review SB 2 requirements, consider locational criteria for identifying areas or zones where shelters could be allowed as a permitted use, evaluate possible development and operation standards, and recommend a zoning ordinance that complies with SB 2.  At this meeting, the Planning Commission will not consider developing a shelter. 

City Council Meeting-  The Planning Commission’s recommendation on the proposed zoning ordinance will be forwarded to the City Council for consideration at its October 18, 2016, meeting.  All interested persons are invited to attend and provide verbal or written comments to the Planning Commission to express their opinion on the item. 

SB 2 requires that cities allow homeless shelters by right in at least one land use zone.  State law does not require cities to build or provide funding for such uses.  Instead, it requires cities to establish standards to regulate emergency shelters.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the City building a homeless shelter?

No, the City is not building a homeless shelter.  The City is mandated by state law to provide locations where a homeless shelter is permitted as a use by right. 

Will a shelter be in my neighborhood?

The City is not considering re-zoning residential lots to allow shelters.  Churches in the past have provided shelter to homeless, particularly during cold weather months.  Allowing the churches to continue to house homeless, even in residential zones, is an option being analyzed.  Zones being evaluated for shelter are business, industrial, commercial, public and institutional.  

Why do we even need to allow a shelter in San Clemente?

State law mandates every City to permit a homeless shelter by right in at least one zone.  Failure to comply with this leaves the City open to lawsuits.

How many people in San Clemente are homeless? 

There are an average of 65-70 chronically homeless residents in our town.  This number goes up and down with the seasons.  Chronically homeless have been without shelter for a period of 6 months or longer. 

How are the areas being analyzed?

The City is reviewing areas based on criteria stipulated in the SB2 law: proximity to public transit, near job centers and services.  Additional information being reviewed is distance from residences, schools and parks.  

Who can I contact if I still have questions?

Please e-mail the City at


Negative Declaration

In compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) the City has prepared a Negative Declaration.  The Negative Declaration can be viewed by clicking here.


Staff Report

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